Welcome! Are you looking for help for a precious child who is struggling? Or maybe you’re here because you’re at your wits’ end, exhausted from trying to figure out how best to handle a tricky parenting issue?

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I’m a licensed clinical psychologist with over fifteen years of experience, and I specialize in working with kids 0-10 years of age. Whether it’s trouble with sleep, feeding, toilet training,  anxiety, tantrums or other behavioral problems, sibling rivalry, preschool or school adjustment, parent-child relationship issues, or some other childhood problem that’s causing distress and suffering, we can work together to get your little one and your family to a better place, using an approach tailored to your goals and the specific needs and strengths of your family and your unique child.

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About Me

I have over fifteen years of specialized training and experience working with young children and their families. I am fascinated with the way kids figure out the world and the people around them—really, they’re all little scientists, experimenting until they find out how it all works and how to get what they need!

How I Work

My office is a place of safety, curious inquiry and exploration, and playful problem-solving (occasionally with the help of the very friendly dragon who resides there, especially when I’m working with little ones individually).